Altering the look of your space sure has it perks. But behind every perks are the struggles. Your decorations primarily depend on your tastes and preferences. Nevertheless, there are tricks and tips that can be useful to you to ensure that the results of your efforts are satisfyingly good.

consider the space in your house you want the furniture put into

  1. Imitating too much

There are some people who are following every aspect of the designs from the catalogues inch-by-inch. It cannot be realistic all the time.

Making the book a guide is good but not everything must be as it is in the book. Consider the place you are working with as well as the colors you want to achieve. The size of the room you are working on must be considered to realize if the design you want to achieve is very doable.


  1. Chaotic display of collectibles

Putting a personal touch in your design by displaying collectibles and whatnots is very advisable. However, make sure that you do not scatter them wherever in the house. Also, be mindful of the numbers of collectibles you display. They might be too much and would look like clutter.

As a general rule, private collectibles or objects should not be displayed on receiving areas or public spaces in your house. Identify these objects and, rather, display them in a more private room and space in your house.


  1. Very many photos

It is also very common to display family photos to places which are easily seen by guests. But same with collectibles, these photos need to be limited. The more private photos need also to be displayed only at private spaces such as the bedroom.

Creating a gallery of photos to be displayed in public reception in the house is appropriate. Also, select photos which are rather formal and convey such.


  1. A lot of kitchen utensils on countertop

The kitchen is arguably the busiest part of the house especially for a large family. Commonly, unattended kitchen tools and appliances sabotage the look of the kitchen.

Decluttering the kitchen involves the identifying which tools and appliance are used daily and which can be put to the cabinet away from the view. It will make room in your kitchen and can actually make it seem more spacious.


  1. Pushing furniture against the wall

Lining bigger furniture against the wall may seem like you have saved spaces in your room. However, they may actually make the room uncomfortable and boxy.

The workaround this big furniture is determining the focal point of the room and designing the furniture around that. Placing a console table to the back of the sofa you don’t want seen is a great idea. Also you can place figures on top of that table.


  1. Cramming furniture

Impulsively buying furniture is always not a good idea. First and foremost, consider the space in your house you want the furniture put into. The spaces in the mall where the furniture is displayed can be bigger and that can translate negatively in your house. Cramming the furniture will give you limited space to walk around the room.

Measuring the space in your living room is a brilliant start. Bringing a measuring tape when buying furniture will give you the exact measurement in relation to the space in your house. Also, consider mixing the sizes of your furniture by pithing smaller and bigger sizes in the mix.

Comfort should always be a priority when designing

  1. Flooding pillows

Pillows are always propped on the sofa. There are times, however, where the sofa is flooded with unnecessary pillows. They take spaces which makes sitting on uncomfortable.

Comfort should always be a priority when designing. Choose a handful of pillow which will not suffocate your sofa. Also consider the color of the pillowcases which will blend with the color of your sofa. In decorating, always know when enough is reached and don’t make such mistake.