Also called mobile homes, modular manufactured homes in Philippines are constructed by parts in a factory then will be transported to the home site where it will be assembled or attached to a vehicle. This is very much different to the approach used in building traditional homes where the materials are brought to the site and then constructed to the built foundation.

Many benefits of manufactured homes have already been realized by numerous homeowners. The benefits surprised many as they have always seemed unreal until they are brought into reality. The advantages which every homeowner should consider are the following:

Philippines manufactured homes


Affordability a benefits of manufactured homes that is highly being considered and is one of its major edges compared to traditional homes. The cost saving does not only stop there. Manufactured homes are known to being energy efficient making the homeowner save on electricity, mainly, in the long run.

It is also an option to purchase a manufactured home new or used. Used manufactured homes are less expensive, of course, and they are already standing in a piece of land. With that, the homeowner will not have to pay for transport.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to traditional houses, manufactured modular homes have less negative impact to the environment and this is one of the major benefits of manufactured homes. The efficiency of the process in manufacturing the materials of the house allows for relatively lesser waste materials. These waste materials can also be recycled.

Reliability of Construction

Being built in a controlled environment in a factory, manufactured homes are rarely subjected to delays due to bad weather. The construction of the similar units over and over again has created this nature of control over the modules being constructed. Furthermore, very strict standards are followed in every inch of construction process.

modular manufactured homes in Philippines


Another benefits of manufactured homes are easier to move. When selling the property, the owner can have options whether to sell the house and the land or just the house which then can be transported to a new site.

Excellent Financing Options

Many homeowners are still inflexible to consider manufactured homes because of the difficulty of getting a mortgage for them. Manufactures have wide arrays of options on how to take advantage of government credits and loans to finance manufactured homes.

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