Energy-efficient and durable homes are on the top list of modern homeowners, which is why prefabricated homes in Philippines are among the top choices. Starting from container homes, prefab homes has evolved passing into modular, to precut, to panelized housing. Over the years, the demands have also been constantly rising.

The main driving factors on the steady increase in the demands of prefab houses have to be it weather resistance, superior design, and improved functionalities. Architecture innovation which has seen a shift in design and functionality plays a great role.

Here are other features which are the driving forces of the modern prefab houses you should know.

Prefab Homes in Philippines

Ability to be transported, disassembled, and relocated

Prefab houses are manufactured indoors and then delivered to your desired location in just a matter of weeks. This convenience is fully realized once you have decided to have your house built in a rather remote area.

Being assembles per module or section; the house can also be disassembled should you choose to move them.

If you happen to relocate, then relocating a prefab house is easily said and easily done.

Usage of innovative technology

Prefab houses are built only of superior quality materials. These houses are best known for taking advantage of cutting-edge architecture and having eco-credentials.

The technology associated in prefab home construction allows higher precision in meeting their specifications.

Quality designs by world-class designers, architects, and artists

The use of architecture software has provided flexibility to the realization of the designs of the prefab houses. Homeowners can freely customize their prefab houses with the consultation with the architects, of course.

Initially the homeowners are able to choose from the designs already prepared in collaboration with various architects and designers. However, they can add or reduce features from the original designs should they choose to.

Prefab Home Models Philippines

Eco-friendly home

Being manufactured in a factory using architecture software, prefab houses are known to generate very minimal wastes. These minimal wastes are then recycled.

Greener features are also incorporate to all prefab houses.  Bamboo flooring, insulated walls, energy-efficient windows, and motion-sensing faucets are few of those features.

Strictly following the green building codes, prefab houses are eco-friendly houses which are taking over real estate.