The demand for designer prefab houses has been continually growing that it has created a massive shift in the real estate market. The expectations for the shipments of prefab homes are anticipated to skyrocket by 2020. This rise is mainly attributed to the benefits of prefab houses which are transportability, design options, world-class elegance, and energy efficiency.

Modern modular or designer prefab houses are more than functional, stylish, and very livable. Homeowners and real estate developers alike are looking into prefab houses in new perspectives where best benefits are reaped off.

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Some Advantages of Prefab Constructions

Growing Demands

The trends for housing continue to change proportionally to its market demands. Housing developers are also always listening to the market determining what they need then ensure that they come up with the idea which is better than their competitor.

This massive rise on the prefab market has paved ways of opportunities for housing developers to decorate their portfolios.

Fast-paced Construction

The most important resource in housing operation is time. Project schedules always are the considerations for project costs. In some countries, the developers are required to pay home buyers an interest for the delays of the construction.

Compared to traditional houses, designer prefab houses do not have any weather-related constraints during construction. As they are manufactured in a controlled environment in a factory, there are fewer possibilities of delay due to weather or other aspects.

Less Surplus, Low Losses

In 2014, the record of houses which have been foreclosed was high. This remains one of the huge challenges for both developers and homeowners. Leveraging the increase in demand for prefab houses in Philippines can ensure the ROI for home developers and homeowners. The homeowners will see an increase in the value of their properties while home developers will see less of properties being distressed.


The cost of remodeling a house has gone through the roof and has been increasing every year.

One of the edges of designer prefab homes is that they allow for limitless possibilities for home remodeling. The flexible design of your home allows you multiple options and avenues for remodeling for lesser costs.

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Design Status

The visions of many world-class architects are now widely realized in prefab homes. Before prefab houses were deemed not conducive to making a home, but the time has changed fast. The modern and stylish feel of the prefab houses have created a competition in the housing market where every individual is taking part in.

At present, famous architects and home designers have been vying for the more modern and sellable designs of prefab houses. If you want to look for more modern prefab home designs in Philippines, then you may visit Bahay Makabayan and inquire for the designs they offer.