Modular homes have becoming popular in the country. The idea of homes being manufactured in the factory-setting, transported to the site, and then assembled to the foundation has remodeled real estate.

In the Philippines, real estate companies have started putting up modular houses for subdivisions because how its benefits far outweigh its costs have been further realized. Many homeowners have also opted for modern prefeb houses because they have proven to be more affordable yet more durable compared to traditional houses.


What is Bahay Makabayan?

Bahay Makabayan, a real estate company based in General Santos City, started its operations years ago of offering modular houses in Philippines to the aspiring homeowners of South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat, then the whole Mindanao. Now, Bahay Makabayan is seeking to expand its offers of affordable abode to Luzon and Visayas(see Makabayan models).

The idea of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) house may not be familiar with many but it has made its waves to the housing market and now it has continued to strengthen its presence. Bahay Makabayan, actually is offering Luzon and Visayas DIY houses through application forms to determine the possible number of clients in the area.


How Bahay Makabayan Change the Future of Housing

Promising to start the DIY houses at the end of the year, Bahay Makabayan is taking a leap to ensuring its spot in the country’s real estate milieu. With its primary goal to offer affordable houses to the financially struggling individuals who have always wanted to own their dream homes, Bahay Makabayan is continuing its visions to other parts of the country – not only in Mindanao.

Bahay Makabayan for Luzon and Visayas

Their success in the Mindanao region has become a testament to the services they offer. While ensuring that the houses are well-built, durable, and modern, Bahay Makabayan has also carefully noted that a common Filipino should be able to afford the houses they offer.

This DIY Makabayan Houses project is an opportunity for Filipinos in Luzon and Visayas who have always wanted to own an affordable house to make their dreams come true too. With this initiative of Bahay Makabayan, they will be helping many live the dreams they have, maybe, never just yet considered possible.