Swimming Pools

Installing a swimming pool to your house sure costs a lot. While it may be a good idea, it can be the reason why your house won’t sell. Buyers with small children will not be opting for a house with a pool. Also it will increase your energy consumption while raising your insurance. It will also add to your maintenance costs.

Gourmet Kitchens with High-End Accessories

Giving your kitchen the most expensive look may shun buyers away. But that all depends on the neighborhood you are located. Having a high-end kitchen in a not-so-fancy neighborhood can make it hard for you to find a buyer. But not very much so if your house is located in a fancier neighborhood.

Whirlpool Baths

Relaxing in a whirlpool bath may be very nice to think of; but not if you are a buyer who will have to pay more because of a newly installed bath. The costs needed for a bathtub to work properly may reach the roof depending on the baths installed. Add also the maintenance costs it will have to incur.


Sunroom is an expensive project which adds very little to the house’s value. It is also not very energy-efficient. A homeowner needs to think twice before even thinking of installing it.

Expensive Landscaping

Maintaining your landscape is a must. Keeping the cost at par is always the idea. Pouring in bucks for a huge landscaping project is not a good idea before putting your house on the market. You can go for lawn changes targeting the curb for a fresher look, trimming shrubs and small trees, and the like. But hitting huge and expensive landscaping – not so much.

Adding A Room

Adding a room in your house may not be a good idea unless you are building an additional bedroom.

Remodeling A Home Office

Not a lot of people need a very luxurious home office. Since remodeling a home office is expensive you may not get the money you have spent upon putting your house on the market. The important thing to highlight on home office is good lighting.

Roof Replacement

It is true that roof replacement is a very expensive project. While it is important to maintain the roof regularly so that if there are leaks they won’t damage the walls and the ceiling, replacing them before putting the house on the market will require the increase of the price of the house which may turn potential buyers off.

Additional Garage

Garage is also expensive to put up. According to expert, you will only get a part of your investment despite them having increased the value of your house.

If you are, however, planning to stay in your home(read these home improvement ideas) for a while then they can be convenient.


Do not touch your plumbing and your septic system if they still work. The buyers are only concern whether they work. When they do just leave them still but maintain them regularly.