Following the mediocre performance of the real estate market, people are putting their homes off the market until the market improves. And since owners have decided to stay in their homes, several improvements need to be made to make the living arrangements more comfortable.

There are projects on home improvement which do not add value to the home at all when put into market. Other improvements may diminish the value of the home. Nevertheless, there are numerous improvements which are sure to add some value to your home when done right.

It is important to identify which home improvements you need to invest in to ensure that your home value increases.

add greater value to your home

7 Projects That Add Value to Your Home

  1. Kitchen Remodeling

Because most people see the kitchen as the soul of the home, remodeling it almost always pays off. Making your kitchen fancier is sure to add greater value to your home and will make it more profitable in the market. However, you need to resist yourself from being overboard. Some of the advices in kitchen remodeling include: not investing in deluxe kitchen, using low-VOC paints, and buying energy-efficient appliances.

  1. Adding Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your one-bathroom house is always a good idea. Should you have any room which is not very much used or other spaces in the house which is not utilized then they can be the additional bathroom you need.

The cost of this project depends on the size of the bathroom you want to make. Also, the materials you will be using in this project also contribute to the expense.

  1. Room Reinvention

The addition of space to the room is an expensive project. You can work on finishing your basement, converting your attic to a bedroom, or making your garage a room-for-rent.

If ever you are thinking of demolishing walls to create other rooms, you may want to create them in such a way that they will have an appeal to buyers when they will be put to market.

  1. Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

Having a single-pane window is not that appealing to any buyers who are very particular to energy efficiency – which is most of the cases. With these, these windows need to be replaced. Installing new energy-efficient windows comes in variety of prices depending on the contractor and the design of the windows you wanted installed.

  1. Addition of Deck

Adding a deck to the house provides it outdoor space which gives it more outdoor spaces which is more appealing to people who are into staycation. What separates the installation of deck to your home from others is that if you are capable, you can be able to do the job yourself. If you have the right tools, you can do the whole job or part of the job.  However, if you choose to have a contractor do the job, it is advisable to inquire from multiple contractors before settling for the file choice. Getting a quote among the candidates is a nice way to compare the cost and settle for the most reasonable.

  1. Energy-Efficient Insulation

Home inspectors will include in their reports whether your house is properly insulated. Higher maintenance is sure for houses which are poorly insulated. Insulating your home(check home design mistakes that you might be doing) is not as costly as estimated and will practically raise the value of your house.

Not only that, you can also see a potential decrease in your utility bill after the insulation.

Insulation practices is not only limited to ensuring that the doors and windows are properly fitted but also that there are no leaks in the walls and roof of the house.

home improvement ideas you may want to consider rebuilding using modular structures

  1. Basic Updates

Repaints, fixing roof leaks, replacing woods, and getting rid of molds are among the basic updates you can do to your house. Aside from those, fixing the wires and plumbing are among the projects you start to add its value.

For other home improvement ideas you may want to consider rebuilding using modular structures. It is cost-efficient and structure is durable as conventional. Check out Bahay Makabayan to receive expert modular home and prefab homes Philippine advice. They got you covered for anything about modular building.