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The evolution of home construction has made it possible to quicken the process of building houses and structures while saving costs and time. Also the modular way of building houses has become very well-known that manufacturers, architects, and builders have adapted this method. Learning a new home construction technology such as manufactured modular homes is very beneficial.

Bahay Makabayan is now manufacturing Manufactured Modular Homes and delivering them throughout South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and General Santos City (SOCCSKSARGEN).

Manufactured Modular Homes are homes which are built in factories. Before, these homes are referred to as mobile homes or trailers. After being built in a non-removable steel chassis, they are transported to the site where they will be permanently installed on a foundation. Afterwards, the multi-part manufactured is assembled.

Like any building structures, manufactured modular homes follow the national building codes. After the installation on site, they follow rigorous inspections.


Manufactured Modular Homes

These homes are very flexible in designs and materials. Since they are manufactured in a controlled environment, the designs manufactured can be as detailed and as strong as possible. Each part of the house needs to follow the specifications by the book because it is the only way that they can fit together. Following this technique, there are less wasted materials during construction and the excess materials can be recycled.

Aside from the flexibility of designs, the homeowner can also be able to accomplish the specific look and feel he has always wanted his house to be.

With the materials being recycled and such it is also indicative that the costs to building the house is comparatively lesser thus manufactured modular homes are generally less expensive than traditional houses.

Above all, these homes take lesser time to build enabling the homeowner to live in the house in the earliest time possible.

Advantages and Benefits of Manufactured Modular Homes

One of the most known advantages and benefits of manufactures modular homes is that the construction of the house does not suffer delays due to weather conditions. The house is not exposed to any weather elements which may compromise its inside before the homeowner even moves in.

They are also less expensive than traditional houses. Repairs and refurbishment are also less expensive as there is no need to destroy a perfectly working part of the house just to add an extension. After consulting your retailer, you can then plan with them the best approach to carry out your refurbishment ideas and designs.

They last as long as any traditional houses. The materials used in manufactured modular homes are as strong as or even stronger than that of traditional houses. The perfect fit material is always chosen for your house as each module of the house need to follow factory standards to pass.

They come with warranty periods. Ask your retailers regarding the warranty of your manufactured modular homes as they always come with one. You need to associate yourself with the specifics of the warranty. Which part is covered and who will be carrying out the repairs should you need it.

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