Modular homes are indoor-built homes which are manufactured in a factory-like location. Afterwards, they are transported to a site where they will be assembled by builders in static foundations.

Modular homes are different from mobile homes. Modular houses are just manufactured in a factory module by module and then moved to the building site. Other names for modular homes are prefab homes, system-built homes, and factory-built homes.

One cannot distinguish a fully completed manufactured modular homes in Philippines and a traditional site-built home.

modular homes in Philippines

How do Modular Homes Differ from Site-Built Homes?

  • Since modular homes are built in a controlled environment, it eliminates various weather-related variables which may impede the construction.
  • The assembly line efficiencies alter the business process enables lesser use of raw materials thus producing lesser manufacturing wastes.
  • Modular houses are more energy-efficient due to the stricter insulation standards as well as industry-mandated manufacturing practices. In the long run, it will allow the homeowners to save.
  • The factory setting of building the modules of the houses eliminates the thefts and damages of the materials than that of the job-site construction.
  • Employments of the people who work on the houses ensure that there will be no shortages of skilled labors.
  • To ensure that the modules are transported safely they are always secured with additional adhesives, framing lumbers, steel strappings, and screws.

Modular Housing Philippines

Why Choose a Module Home Over a Site-Built Home?

Faster Construction

One of the perks of indoor construction is that the modules are completed in weeks rather than in months. Also, delays caused by weather or labor-related problems are eliminated.

High Standard Construction

Compared to the on-site construction, modular homes are subjected to stricter industry standards, building codes, guidelines, and rules. The result of these will be a house which is more efficient and not likely to experience problems.

Highly Affordable

The acquisition of the materials in larger volumes results to lower costs and therefore lower selling prices. The meticulous planning also makes the construction process cheaper, easier, and quicker.

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