If you are looking for a house it is possible that you will not be able to find one which suits every specification that you want thus resulting you to opt to build one. Suppose you have decided to build a house, then you will have to decide then whether you will be going for the traditional way of building a house or go for the prefab house option. Here are the pros and cons of prefab houses:

closer look at prefabricated homes

Pro 1: Energy-efficient

The most common feature of a prefab house is being energy-efficient. The tight and well-fit seams of the modules will keep the heat thus reducing your energy consumption in the process. Tight construction of the modules of the prefab houses has gained them the popularity of withstanding many natural calamities. Many will assume that prefab houses equal mobile homes. This is very much farther from the truth as prefab houses have great foundations, high-quality materials, and elegant designs.

Pro 2: Fast Construction

Being a modular house, the parts of the prefab homes are constructed in a controlled environment in a factory then transported and assembled to the location site. With this, it would take fewer personnel to work on house construction saving you time and money in the process. The construction itself may not be the primary concern here as recurring permits for the construction can be a lengthy procedure.

Pro 3: Affordable

One of the most important pros of prefab houses is its affordability. Compared to traditional houses, prefab houses are cheaper. This is not because of the construction materials used to build the place but because of saving from labor costs, primarily. In the long run, the homeowner will also have saved a lot because of the house’s energy-efficiency. For renovations, a modular house will also allow you to save more compared to a traditional one.

prefab construction pros and cons

Con 1: Costs of Land

Since you are only buying a house, you will need a land to put them on. If you already own a land then it would not too much trouble. However, if you do not yet, then you can be up for a lengthy process. Some companies who are selling prefab houses are also assisting clients to acquire permits for the land they want their homes built.

Con 2: Up-Front Payment

Unlike the traditional house where you can put a down payment of 20% then let your mortgage take care of the remaining amount; the prefab house will require you to pay the construction of the house before you can move in. While your home is built, you will be paying the installed based on contract. Depending on how much you pay initially, you can gain savings on interest.

Con 3: Installing Utilities

Another disadvantage of prefab houses is arranging the utilities for the house. Your house will need sewer, electrical, and water systems. In some cases the designs for these systems do not come with the house. If these are too much for you, look for companies who are offering prefab houses with these systems already designed and taken care of.