Prefabricated houses are made up of panels which need to be assembled forming a house. Aside from being the cheaper alternative to a home, they are also proven to be more efficient. The concepts of prefab houses are now being applied to some of the houses in the Philippines. Some companies have begun rising offering such type of house. However, the question of whether the Prefab Houses in Philippines is ready remains.

In the Philippines, when people hear about prefab houses, they often associate them with low-cost housing – and not in a good way. Prefabricated units in the country are often barracks, outposts, shelters, and non-permanent structures. Aside from being cheaper, they usually are not very attractive.

Are we ready for prefab houses in Philippines?

Until Robie Antonio entered the housing market. Through Revolution Precrafted Properties, he brought the prefab houses in Philippines to the market. Having come from a family owning a real estate company, he has the resources and knowledge of marketing luxury estates and similar projects and also experiments on the emerging markets of real estate.

Revolution Precrafted Properties have employed and partnered with the country’s renowned architects to give a face to its prefabricated houses. Their market has boasted of numerous designs which are only limited for a time period. The prices of these houses are also reasonably low compared to those of conventional houses. Prefab houses are also notable for its design to be built within days depending on its modules.

If the prices of the prefab houses in Philippines offered by Revolution do not work around your intended budget, you may want to consider other company alternatives in the market. To give you a clearer picture of the cost you can be spending for a prefab house, a one-bedroom house can cost an average of P200, 000.00.

One of the most convenient features of prefab houses is that when you want to expand the house or add a story, you will just have to purchase modules to be fitted and assembled to your current prefab unit. Of course, if you wish to enhance the original design even before the production of the modules start, you can readily do so.

The introduction of prefab houses in the Philippines market has paved the way to more housing choices. It has challenged the conventional housing approach of securing a reliable and beautiful yet affordable dwelling place. What the modular housing approach has given rise to is the idea to start with just a few modules and continue to expand should you have the means in the future. Check Prefab Models in Philippines for a great variety of choice that is suitable for your needs.

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