Are you trying to purchase a house? Very well then, you may encounter these terms ‘modular homes’, ‘manufactured homes’, and ‘site-built homes’ along the way. It is fairly important to know their differences for they are factors for the price and value of the house.

modular and prefab house

Site-built Homes

These are homes with are constructed in the building-site in its entirety. Prefab housing are majority of the houses today. They are also called ‘stick-built’ homes and their value increases over time depending also to the location of the house.

Modular Homes

These homes are built in sections or modules in a controlled environment in a factory with a lot of benefits for modular housing. Like any homes, they conform to the local building codes. The sections are transported to the site where they will be assembled by contractors. Then, local inspectors will verify whether the prefab housing passes to the home structure requirements. This house is less expensive than site-built homes. It also has same longevity as site-built home and it also increases its value over time

Manufactured Homes

These prefab housing are formerly called mobile homes or trailers. They are built in factory conforming to Federal building codes. The homes are built into non-removable chassis which are then transported to the building site on their wheels. Segments are placed on temporary foundation. Local building inspector checks the house but not need approve of it. The prefab housing are also less expensive and decrease its value over time.

What Do These Differences Mean?

There can be deed restrictions and restrictive covenants. There are no general restrictions for site-built homes as long as approved by architectural review committee.

Many allow modular homes but some have reservations because they are commonly mistaken with manufactured homes. Additionally, manufactured homes do not have restrictive covenants nor deed restrictions.

building modular homes on-site

Prefab Modular Homes vs Shipping Containers

The shipping containers can technically be categorized as modular homes but they are generally different from residential modular home. The shipping container, which is made from corrugated metal, can be transformed into a single pod and be made into a tiny home. The conventional modular home Philippines, however, looks like the stick-built home we are all very familiar with.