While the idea of building prefab houses has become popular over time, builders have found other ways to ensure efficiency and precision in manufacturing modules of the prefab houses. Here are six types:

  1. Panelized Wood Framing

Commonly used in roofing, the frames are made of pieces of timber, plywood or other materials. The laminated timbers are covered by plywood. These panels installed on the roof save more time and make the construction so much more dependable. The frames can have a length of 72 feet.


  1. Sandwich Paneling

From the idea of sandwiches, this paneling is composed of thin facings of two of the following materials: concrete, stainless steel, or plywood. They are then adhered to an insulating core which can be made of cloth, paper, rubber, or foam.


  1. Steel Framing

Steel has long been used as a building material for commercial and residential construction. Steel framing is taking durable and strong materials then creating prefabricated panels from them. These sturdy panels can then be used in building construction.

  1. Timber Framing

Timber frames are also constructed in the factory then used to promptly raise prefabricated buildings. More popular than ever, many homes are currently using this system in their construction.


  1. Concrete Systems

Using precast concrete panels for buildings offers time-saving and versatility options. Compared to other building components used in traditional building, concrete systems are heavier yet more durable and more aesthetically pleasant.


  1. Modular Systems

These systems utilize all the prefab styles in creating a building. The modules are constructed in the factory then they are brought to the construction site where they are connected to an already constructed foundation.

It is good to learn more about prefab construction and modular house in Philippines for a deeper understanding on how it works. You may visit or contact Bahay Makabayan and their team if you need to know more about modular housing building in your area and read the different Modular FAQ’s before opting to buy or build your first modular homes.

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