Assembling various components of a certain structure in a site then transporting them to the location of jobsite is what prefabricated construction is. This technique has become so popular because of its flexibility on budgets. Numerous benefits have also been realized in using this method. Advantages also present for customers and businesses alike.

Siargao Prefab construction of a house

Top Benefits of Prefabricated Construction


Since the sub-assemblies of the prefabricated houses are construction in a factory, the waste materials are recycled thus lessening the waste to be directly thrown in the landfill. Also, the walls of the prefab houses are constructed in a controlled site which allows the developers to ensure that the walls are energy-efficient. Installation of the insulation of the walls is also better when done not on site, which also added to the energy-efficiency of the walls.

Cost Savings

The common misconception on the construction of prefab houses is that they are extremely expensive. Actually, modular approach to the construction of the houses will have more flexibility to the budget of the homeowner which maximizes the most affordable option in his/her price range. Also, the manufacturers receive discounts to the bulk order of materials and in turn will have an effect to the decrease of the cost shouldered by homeowners.


The opportunities which the prefab houses create is uncountable. Since the modules can be assembled and disassembled in location sites, they posit numerous opportunities for design flexibility. Furthermore, the homeowners will also have various choices on designs and aesthetics of the house as prefab houses can be customized in ways traditional homes can’t.

Dependable Qualities

Being manufactured in a factory, the modules of prefab houses follow very strict standards of prefabricated construction. The sub-assemblies need not to be made by a single manufacturer thus each of them needs to follow the designs and specifications of the modules so that they all fit together. Also, each component of the building which is constructed on the factory follows the local and state building codes.

No Time Delays

Since majority of the components are manufactured in a different site, there is no need for heavy machinery and equipment in the actual location site. With this, there is less cause for delays which the traditional site encounters and that is one of the great advantage of prefabricated construction. While boosting productivity, this method also streamlines the approach to constructing the house.

prefab house construction at Koronadal City

Shorter Time for Construction

In most cases, the prefab houses in Philippines are done with less than half the time it would take for the traditional house to finish. Because of efficient planning and minimal to no subcontractor scheduling conflicts, shorter construction time is practical not only to homeowners but to the developers mostly.


One of the most difficult challenges every construction site faces is wetness or moisture. In a controlled environment where prefab materials are manufactures, this issue can be eliminated. The construction will not have to stop because of bad weather and such.

Also the materials will not be exposed to moisture due to rain or snow. Furthermore, no accidents can be associated with workplace hazards caused by water or moisture due to rain. If you like to know more about prefabricated construction then you may visit and ask for information.

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