The exterior of your home is as important in determining its value. The siding of your house greatly affects the aesthetics of the exterior. Choosing the house siding is not an easy feat. Considering the right type of siding involves consideration of its durability, aesthetics, cost, and energy-efficiency, among others. The attributes to be considered are so immense the homeowner may be overwhelmed. Here are sample of the options one may come to choose:

home exterior siding


Still a very popular choice among siding of homes, vinyl offers the unique blend of durability and affordability. Vinyl is not only available anymore in neutral tones. There are vinyl which comes with vivid colors should the homeowner prefer it. Insulated vinyl siding is also an option for a an energy-efficient siding.


Wood is also a very viable option despite the need for a regular maintenance of staining or repainting to avoid damage. You also need to ensure that they are not affected for any insect infestation in your home. When thoroughly maintained, they can last for a lifetime. What makes the wood a nice option is that it gives a natural vibe as a siding.

Fiber Cement Board

It gives a similar look to wood but it requires lesser maintenance but great durability. Pest infestation is not a problem with fiber cement board. The installation and warranty of the siding then depends on what the company can give you(see home designs customization). If you are very particular with the maintenance, the fiber cement board can be a great option aside from the comparatively lower cost, of course.

siding for modern homes


If the issue is durability, then the brick puts all issues to rest. Its popularity, despite being the old-fashion choice, is grounded to its unquestionable durability. Aside from the energy-efficient attribute, bricks also have a great sound-reduction property. The colors will not fade despite the direct exposure to sunlight but bricks are not waterproof thus need a membrane during the installation to protect the walls of the house. Brick can be expensive among the choices, but then again, it lasts the longest.

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