The Prince

  “Your Minimalist Home”




Enclosed Area:  7.2 sqm(2.4mx3.0m)

Porch Area:     6.2 sqm (2.4m x 2.6m)

Loft Area:      3.6 sqm (1.5m x 2.4m)


Installation on Site :  2-4 Days Maximum



✓ Private Office

✓ Satellite Office

Govt. Rural Office

✓ Isolation



✓ Clinic

✓ Cafe

✓ Farm House


The Prince (Solo/Single)

Are you one of those who need personal space and a house that can give you peace of mind? Seeking to have a kind of house that has wonderful features and a luxurious living experience? You’re in good hands with The Prince Model House by Bahay Makabayan. It is a kind of tiny house that is compact yet can give you a great moment of yourself. A home that is ideal for someone who wants to live independently, guarantee privacy, and have creative freedom in their own space. Consist of a spacious loft with enough room for a semi-double bed. A small kitchen, a toilet, a shower, a modest sala space that can be changed into another bed that can also fit in the living room below, and a porch where one may relax and unwind while taking in the beautiful scenery. What are you waiting for? With The Prince Model House, you can achieve independent living with style.



These homes are designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, using clean lines, modern materials, and a focus on functionality.

Termite Proof

Built using materials that are naturally resistant to termites, such as steel and concrete, or treated with non-toxic termite repellents.

It's movable/transferable

A Pre-Fab container house is designed to be movable or transferable, meaning that it can be easily transported from one location to another.


Waste is minimized, designed to be energy-efficient, and materials are used in a way that reduces their impact on the environment.

Fire Rated

This Pre-Fab container house can be designed with fire-resistant materials, such as insulated panels or fire-rated coatings, to provide safety and protection against fires.

Easy to Build

Pre-Fab container houses are pre-fabricated offsite, and they can be easier and faster to build than traditional buildings. It can reduce labor costs and construction time, making them more affordable.


Pre-Fabricated homes is not new in housing industry. In fact the technology is widely used in different parts of the world already. Bahay Makabayan aims to extend housing program to help Filipino families achieve their dream homes in a much effective way.

A Filipino dream. It has always been a dream for us Filipinos to live in a house which is decent, simple, safe and affordable. A house to keep us safe from the diversities we might encounter. With this, the concept of revolutionary innovation in Filipino mass housing has been developed.

Driven by the mission, “Wala nang barong-barong na bahay para sa Pilipino,” HECTHOR Building and Housing Solutions helps Filipino people achieve the dream of having decent and quality homes for their families. Bahay Makabayan aims to serve Filipino families in their effort to secure a better and easy living place.

Looking for an ECONOMICAL Housing?

Bahay Makabayan pride itself having high quality materials and top rated Modular Homes Philippines builders. Modular homes are created without compromising the quality of structure we desire. Customers are well satisfied of the products and services received. Through the innovative modular housing construction, houses are built swiftly with durability.

“Safety is my priority.”
Feel safe at home when natural adversities occur. Bahay Makabayan provides us the protection we need utmost in times of typhoons, earthquakes, and floods. The houses are designed according to the natural conditions of our country; in which being sheltered during these difficult times is a priority.

Home, Commercial or Office You Name It, We’ll Build It.

Simple • Easy to Build • Economical


What is the Bahay Makabayan Project?

In 2014, after typhoon Haiyan, NewEra Metal Foarming Industry assembled a team to come up with a breakthrough concept in building and restoring homes to help accommodate the massive housing needs in Eastern Visayas. One of the chief problems to be solved was the slow construction pace which not only take long to finish but also take long in gathering skilled builders, installers and more. A year after, the concept was materialized. A Prefabricated Modular Housing that takes pride in its major features: Fast, Convenient and Strong.

Quick-Build at its Best

Because of its prefab-modular nature, Bahay Makabayan house units are built at an astonishingly fast speed. Compared to the traditional method of construction which may take at least three months to finish, a Makabayan house with the same size can be built in less than a month - this includes installation of electrical and plumbing works, kitchen finishes, paint jobs and floor tiles. Take a vacation; by the time you’re back, your home is finished.

Strong & Decent House in a Fair Price

The entire structure is wood-free. All parts of the house will not warp or crack due to climate extremes and irregularities. In addition, not a single part of the structure is vulnerable to termite attacks. And since its concrete and metal, the house if fire-proof to keep you and your family safe. Bahay Makabayan has undergone and passed construction tests such as specific gravity and load, fire resistance and more. All these and more for a price signifacntly lower compared to any house avaialble today; whether they be already-buit for consturction.

Hassle & Stress Free Transaction

One of Bahay Makabayan’s main advantages is that it eliminates the hassles of looking for reliable contractors, plumbers, electricians, tilers, finishers and more. Aspiring home buyers only talk to us, then that’s it. We’ll make sure you don’t experience those horror stories about the project taking too long or the excessive expenses versus cost estimate. Whether it is harsh climate or problems with obtaining the proper materials, any contractor will tell you that building your home from the ground up can come with significant delays. Bahay Makabayan houses free you from such troubles so that building your dream becomes easy for you.


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